4/365 or why keeping your photos matters

MirunaSo, with the start of this 365 project, I decided  to work on more of the ideas I had going around but had no time/didn’t dare to start.
One lovely late summer morning, I took my friend Miruna out for a shoot. Some portrait practice for me, some leisure fun activity for her.
As we arrived on scene, the Botanical Garden from Craiova (the city I currently live in), we walked among all sorts of trees, bushes, shrubs and plants of all kind of sorts until we found a meadow among the thicket.
Tall, Cypress and a few Oak trees stretched out wide while the ground was covered in ivy.
Now, here’s the fun part: as we unloaded out gear, clothes and whatever else we were encumbered by, the Sun slowly crept into the sky and spilled its rays all over the meadow through the network of branches and foliage. Miruna had turned around to see it rise and as the rays contoured her hair, I grabbed my camera and asked if she liked the sunrise. She turned around, excited and smiling. And then, SNAP!. I had the shot.
Now, the day continued, we did lots of shots, some of which I considered to be so much better, yet when I arrived back home and downloaded the results onto my computer, I noticed things wre quite different from the results in the field.
The main idea? Always keep the photos you might want to delete on scene because they don’t seem quite as good as you’d expect. Because later on, you might find these gems among the stones and be glad you did so!

Her Sad Story (1/365)

Her-Sad-StoryAnd with this, I shall start my 365 challenge.
This is an image I shot during the making of a short movie (whose title is still unrevealed due to the movie being still in pre-production)
Hanging around on the set sure is fun and you can definitely snap some interesting things, from emotions to simple amazing and funny stills.
What’s so special about it? Other than it was a completely lucky shot and filled with emotion? Being shot on a 40-year old lens, full manual with no meter data whatsoever.
So…here it goes. My first post on the 365 challenge. I don’t have anything set in stone, I jsut want to redefine my style and work more on my photography since I feel I kinda’ neglected it lately.
Are any of you doing the 365 Challenge? Let me know!  🙂

Where is my mind?

Where-Is-My-Mind-2 Where-is-My-Mind-3 Where-is-my-mindThere is nothing more heartbreaking that a ride on the melancholy train. Rain. Cold. Night. You stare at your own reflection and can’t believe what you see. You look at others, the exact same patterns. No light in their eyes. We commute from day to day with no point, missing targets, dragging endlessly…forever dragging.


"When the World seems to shine like you had too much wine..."

Sometimes I forget…I forget that the world we live in, all the small factual details that we take for granted are a part of something much bigger,immense,complex and undeniably impossible to encompass or comprehend with a human mind.
Only then I realize that the mind is nothing without the spirit.
Sure, you can detach yourself of all emotion,become cold,cavernous and strictly analytical  towards all causality and the free choice that we, as human beings, are so proud of. You can become so engulfed by either passion or obsession (a sign of interconversion is in order here) that feeling seems something afar and sometimes useless when all you see/need is that which you set your mind upon.
I’ve somehow ended up with a theory that declines some laws of physics and which got me into really odd conversations with very religious people or with some that simply cannot understand that sometimes looking in the mirror is the only way to look back and understand the hind side of things, the underside where the knot resides which holds the answer to the signs on the (apparently easily understood) surface.
I’ve always imagined that every one of us lives in a small sphere of time-space continuum, a bump in a fabric of the Universe’s superior side and a huge knot under, a knot where all the inter-human relations,causality,choices,possibilities,dreams,hopes and alternatives intertwine to models so vast and complex one will never understand since you walk down a single strand and follow its loops, dodging or crashing into others and their strings. And here is where choice comes into play. See it as the hand that moves the needle,intricately,smoothly,playing upon that which some call destiny,fate, God’s will or any other surrogate terms.
Sometimes, these strands intertwine with another and you end up with something so different than anything you have ever encountered before.
It is the case of certain special relationships between two human beings such as soulmates. That feeling of complete understanding,unidirectional vibration and wavelength identification between two soul cores resonating against each other’s pulse, amplifying echoes that end up caressing against the rib cage,heart and subsequently, the entire being.
This is an important factor because, unlike the above stated detachment and pure intellectual and analytical approach, this one offers comprehension and the power to dwell beyond the immediate reality and its constraining variables to dipping into essences that transcend reasoning and argumentation. This allows one to become a true artist that creates and doesn’t only reproduce, copy or restate the same sentences as others have done before him and just provide them with a new wrapping.Or at least, this is how I feel.
My art’s true goal has always been the creation of something new and innovative and expressing these ideas into various and intricate ways while exposing them in rather accessible mediums,but sometimes my vision differs so much from the ones around me that I find myself wondering whether it is I who deviates towards insanity or simply feel too much beyond or simply different from the way others perceive emotions and thoughts.
Sometimes, I wish I could just breathe it out (much like the Yogi’s Prana concept) and let the vapors condense on the surface of one’s mind and soul so that they can use these to form a lens inside, a spyglass that will bring this vision of mine closer and clearer to their comprehension.
This image tries to explain the idea that there are so many of these tiny Microcosms residing inside of me, just waiting for a “Big Bang” (a song, a picture, a feeling,a…person) so that they can start manifesting and agitating to their own plan, following the strands of another knot in another fabric of another Microcosm…