The Earth is not a Phoenix

Its plumage is blue and specked green

It combusts but won’t rise from the shadow

Of burning ash

Never to breathe life again

Unlike the firebird and hence the name.


Oil leaks are not ornithology

The lens are clouded with soot

Blue waves of ether streaked

Pungent of black blood. And grime.

Birds cannot swim the dark night.

Drowning in mid-flight.


Uncage the Phoenix.

Freedom means nil.

Rebirth in bondage means less still.

Blinded by ashes and somptuous smog.

It swirls a dance of putrid existance.

Unbirth the Earth. Un-hatch the egg.

Sleepy Evening

Her Sad Story (1/365)

Her-Sad-StoryAnd with this, I shall start my 365 challenge.
This is an image I shot during the making of a short movie (whose title is still unrevealed due to the movie being still in pre-production)
Hanging around on the set sure is fun and you can definitely snap some interesting things, from emotions to simple amazing and funny stills.
What’s so special about it? Other than it was a completely lucky shot and filled with emotion? Being shot on a 40-year old lens, full manual with no meter data whatsoever.
So…here it goes. My first post on the 365 challenge. I don’t have anything set in stone, I jsut want to redefine my style and work more on my photography since I feel I kinda’ neglected it lately.
Are any of you doing the 365 Challenge? Let me know!  🙂

A mental illness awareness project

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Recently, one of my colleagues from Med School approached me and asked me if I wanted to help her with a charity project she was running: raising funds for a few orphans with certain disabilities. This center in our town is full of benevolent people but the funding (as with most of the things here) are very low and some of the proper medical equipment and staff but they do what they can for these poor souls.
As my friend was directing the mental illness department in the Med School’s society, I got the idea of illustrating this in a small staged photoshoot. What followed was an interesting experience, with all the models having no previous experience and improvising on the way. Enjoy!