Crooked Reality

Perhaps one of my most right-in-front-your-eyes photo, I have ever taken.
Perhaps, because it has always been there, yet I somehow failed to notice the effect, even though it was a common sight on my way back home from school.
And it made me wonder…how many of us live their lives in complete ignorance to the reality around us? How many retire in a fantasy, distorted, kinder, simpler world, where things are closer to perfect, where the equation needs no adjustments and laws apply for ideal bodies?

In a (third world) country like Romania, where surviving each day is a new victory, I have seen this phenomenon happen so often that it’s hard to name but a few handful of people I know, that live their lives according to principles of freedom when most struggle between getting eaten alive by the system and trying to beat arteriosclerosis and perhaps a stroke by the age of 34 due to stress and the uncertainty of tomorrow, and put a smile on from time to time.
As personal introspection, I tried, for a few weeks after shooting this, to stop from my infernal hellride I call daily life and take a closer look behind (like seeing the details when a process is on a slow-mo camera).
And you know, it’s not all bad.
Sometime you just need to relax, and let certain things slide and, to quote Bobby McFerrin, “don’t worry, be happy”.
Because otherwise frustration will get the best of you and you will start wanting a way out, to break the circle of monotony, something to pull the cloth off your eyes and take a look at the sky and actually understand yet this will come in the form of a surrogate relief such as drugs, alcohol or a certain other addiction that only appears to be healing the wounds. It is the society that pushes us to live like zombies, carrying out orders for those higher in rank, breaking the spirit, diluting the individual and making us more docile and malleable.
Have you noticed how easily people get entertained today? A cat video on YouTube, a simple and addictive game on Facebook… MMORPGs have taken the toll and rise to the rank of vice today, eating more time and health than many others, such as smoking or drinking.
It’s only because people need a way out, but caught in the tornado of things that “must be done” and without proper guidance, they stumble hesitantly in the dark, blind, cold and discouraged.
So, next time, open your eyes and break reality down to the puzzle pieces, to the atoms and squeeze out the “carpe diem” to feed the marrow of your spirit!

One thought on “Crooked Reality

  1. You said great words actually from time to time I think how fast time passes and i don’t stop for just a second and enjoy the few moment that really worth giving up everything you have….sad but true

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